A Twins' Journal

Patricia and Susana
26 April 1977
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About Us
We are two twin sisters... though we look the same, we have different ways of being, which can be very nice because, in a way, it's as if we were like the ying/yang symbol. Each one completes the other. One of us is more outgoing, funny and "crazy" sometimes... whereas the other one (me!) is more quiet and has more trouble being as funny as her... We LOVE each other and we LOVE our family and friends... which truly make life worthwhile!!! Friendship is a gift that we cherish and try to be the best we can to make our dearest friends happy. We love to talk, to chat at the MSN, to write long e-mails and letters and to meet people from different countries and cultures because they can teach us so much about new things, lifes different than our own... and cool things about the places where they live.
In a way, they turn your life a little better by sharing their light....

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